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We sell one of Europes thickest Carbon Steel baking plates for pizza, bread and grilling!

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Restaurant Style Pizza at Home


ChefSteel is the last tool your kitchen needs to bake the best pizzas and breads right in your home oven. Place it in your oven, on your stove or your grill! ChefSteel's uses are countless. Our pizza steel/baking steel is made in Hungary!

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Why Carbon Steel?

1) The heat characteristics of carbon steel can compensate the low maximum temperature and uneven heat distribution of home ovens. During the very quick baking time the dough doesn’t dry out, but can still become charred.

2) Carbon steel has the most optimal heat characteristics at 250 Celsius. This guarantees the crispy outside and soft inside.

3) The heat capacity of carbon steel is many times greater than  that of bakingstones or stainless steel. This creates a very even heat distribution in the oven.


"The best home made Pizza is baked on steel." Not according to us, but according to Heston Blumenthal, one of the most influential 'founders' of Molecular Gastronomy.

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Our Goal

ChefSteel is about the passion of baking. Our goal is to provide our fellow home-bakers with the tools that enable you to create the crust and bubbles you always dreamt about when baking bread and pizza.

The best thing: ChefSteel doesn't crack and doesn't break. It will last you a lifetime of baking! 

The International Sourdough and Artisan Pizza community have fallen in love with our steels. We can help you too! Take one final step with us and you can finally bake the bread and pizza you have dreamt about.

"An asbolute beast of a product. I ordered this10 mm steel after using 5 different stones that either cracked or simply didnt heat properly to my liking. I even cooked 7 in one session in my 2nd time using the steel. Let me tell you this, it is absolutely amazing! Amazing, amazing product. The seasoning gets proper after a few cooking sessions. In the end i want to say this: order it, you wont be dissapointed"-Mihai (Czech Republic) 

*All prices include the applicable VAT for European Customers. For our affordable GLS shipping rates, please visit our 'Delivery' page.

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