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The ChefSteel Story

A Family Business 

Since I was a child, I've always been interested in cooking and baking. I was especially interested in finding the boundaries of what I was able to create in our little, domestic kitchen. At the age of 15, I created my first cheese, sourdough and dabbled in making handmade strudel. I have also tried my hand in home-brewed beer! Despite all these successes, in the last decade, I have struggled to create the perfect loaf of bread or a real Neapolitan style pizza at home. My pizza constantly ended up tasting like yeast and was very dried out. I searched the depths of the internet to try and solve my problem and stumbled upon the YouTube videos of Tested and Alex where they talked about the same issues I was facing. This is where I first heard about the idea of baking pizza on steel. 

For this very reason, I became incredibly excited, so I immediately wanted to create my own steel. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any proper materials anywhere, so I contacted a steel production company, making parts for companies, such as Porsche or Volvo, and I asked them to prepare me one according to my exact specifications. The decision about the perfect material came down to my grandmother who has a diploma in steel and welding technology. We eliminated stainless steel and cast iron for their suboptimal heat conduction properties and we ended up choosing A36 carbon steel which seemed to have the most optimal properties for baking pizza and bread at home.

The feeling was euphoria when I managed to bake my first bread and pizza on the finished steel plate. My pizza ended up crispy on the outside and soft and moist in the inside. I then decided that it is only fair to share this excitement with the general public, and that's how ChefSteel was born. As a family business, with my girlfriend in marketing, we created the website, and my graphic designer cousin created our logo. So now you can enjoy making bakery and restaurant style pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen!  


Jazon Szarvady

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