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Size: 32x40x0.6cm

5.5 Kilograms


Our Classic 6mm thick ChefSteel, made from our seasoned A36 carbon steel. It doesn’t matter if you are baking great Italian-style pizza and sourdough breads in your home oven, grilled meats and vegetables from your garden barbecue or fresh English muffins on your stove, ChefSteel can help you with all that and more! With its remarkable heat conductivity and capacity due to its 6mm thickness, Chefsteel is the perfect tool if you are just as dedicated about home-cooking as we are, but want to overcome some of the limitations of your kitchen. Placed in your oven, ChefSteel gives you the perfect baking surface to make pizzas in under 5 minutes, preventing the pizza from drying out, yet giving it a crispy crust.


Because carbon steel is 18-times better at conducting heat than baking stones, it can also help your homemade bread rise much higher, before its crust seals and gets crispy. Because of ChefSteel’s heat capacity you also don’t have to worry about your bread staying raw in the middle and you can even shorten the cooking time and raise the baking temperature for a nicer crust. Leaving ChefSteel in your oven will also help regulate and equalize the heat distribution in your oven, so that, no matter what you are cooking, it will cook much more evenly.


Due to its thickness compared to skillets, ChefSteel can cook meats and vegetables much more evenly and you will also never have to worry about burning anything on it. Placed on a stove or barbecue it is also a great tool. All our steels come pre-seasoned with natural oils. You just have to maintain this surface, according to the included user manual and ChefSteel will last you a life-time!

ChefSteel Classic

5500 Grams
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