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Shipping Information

All our packages are shipped to you with Packeta. Shipping times vary country by country in Europe, but can generally reach your home between 3-9 business days. Our processing time is 4-12 business days not including weekends, this means your order is made, prepared and shipped in this time frame. In order to avoid waste, we make every product to order. Depending on your country, you should be contacted before delivery. Please keep in mind that processing time for payments made with bank transfer may take longer if you do not send us a payment confirmation email (with the transfer receipt/screenshot). To speed up the process we accept this method, however, if we do not hear anything from you we have to wait until the transfer goes through which could take anywhere between 2-5 days. 

You can see our delivery prices at checkout. 

Shipping Rates
Prices are in Euros

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