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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my ChefSteel for the first bake? 

  • Included in your package will be a piece of paper explaining how to prepare your steel for the very first bake. In Hungary we have prepared your ChefSteel by cleaning it and pre-seasoning it with natural oils. This seasoning will give the ChefSteel its rust-resistant and non-stick surface, but first you need to ‘burn’ it into the surface of the steel by placing it in the oven at 200-250C for around 90 minutes. This is your absolute first step! If you have lost the paper, or need a refresher, please send us an email and we will send you the document!

Is ChefSteel a food safe material and does it comply with EU laws? 

  • When we were designing ChefSteel one of our main objective was to make a 100% natural product free of any harmful materials. This is why we use carbon steel which is, in fact one, of the purest forms of iron. To go further, our steels are only coated with natural sunflower oil. This also the reason why our steel is safe to heat to any temperature, and why it is extremely long-lasting. Even if the oil coating gets damaged, there are no harmful materials released and you can re-season it to achieve a surface that is just like new. It is completely teflon free! This form of iron has been used for thousands of years and it is still a popular material in professional kitchens. Woks, pans and even knives are made of this humble material. Although it requires more maintenance than teflon-or ceramic-coated tools, it has far superior heat characteristics and its ability to be re-seasoned guarantees superior longevity compared to its modern counterparts as well. For its very simplicity, EU regulation doesn't consider carbon steel a harmful material, unlike pizza-stones, that can contain heavy metals in order to conduct heat better. Of course we comply with the regulation and use the purest form of carbon-steel, that we clean and wash thoroughly before treating it with cold-pressed oils and sending it out to our customers. ChefSteel’s material complies with all EU FCM regulations and it is only treated with natural cold-pressed sunflower oil

How do I properly look after my ChefSteel? 

  • In order to prevent surface rust your ChefSteel needs to stay away from excess water. After cleaning it gently with warm water and a small amount of soap you need to make sure the steel is completely dry before putting it away. If you want to make sure all the water has completely evaporated you can place it on the stove or back in the oven for a short period of time before storing it again. 

Why is there discolouration/small marks or streaks on the surface of the steel? 

  • These marks are caused by baking-cooking acidic foods on your steel. These marks are just completely normal! Your steel can also come with a few minor scratches, however these marks will fade over time when you re-season your steel. We can guarantee your steel will become a more uniform colour after seasoning it a few times. And do not worry, the scratches will also disappear!

How can I clean thoroughly and re-do the surface seasoning?


  • If you are finding that your steel is a bit sticky or you need to clean off some food residue, you need to remove it with a more hands on cleaning method. You should heat the steel in the oven until a small water drop can evaporate on the steel. Once you see that it is hot enough, remove the steel from the oven carefully! At this point sprinkle two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of oil on to the steel. Either with a paper towel or kitchen towel, rub the mixture into the steel. You should see some food residue to come off at this point. After this, wash the steel with hot water and completely dry your steel before starting the next step. Just remember, all moisture has to be removed. Once you have completed the thorough cleaning with salt. Add 2 teaspoons of oil on to your steel. Wipe away any extra oil with a paper towel. Place again in the oven at around 200 degrees for around 1 hour to 90 minutes in order to re-season the steel. When handling the steel, always remember to be safe! 

Do we make custom steels? 


YES, WE DO! :) Just send as an email with the dimensions you want and it can be ready in 2 weeks after you place an order. 

Why are there some small scratches on the steel? 

  • Carbon Steel as a material is very prone to marking and scratching. This is completely normal and over time with re-seasoning and baking, these smalls marks will disappear.

Who is your shipping partner? Is is reliable to ship from Hungary? 

  • We are using a very reputable international shipping company, Packeta. Shipping is completely reliable and on request we will provide your tracking number. 

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