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Terms & Conditions

Company Ownership

This Webshop is operated by Szarvady Jázon EV. (Adószám: 69103591-1-33) Panoráma utca 23, Csobánka, Hungary. Our Company is listed in Hungary and is regulated by Hungarian and European law.


At this moment, we accept payments using PayPal, bank transfer and Sripe (Card Payment/Payment Gateway). Stripe is used by Zara, Zoom, Airbnb and Amazon etc. It is a 100% safe way to check-out at our store. 


All our prices, visible in our webshop, include all applicable taxes for orders within the European Union. Our Company isn't responsible for any additional import duties for orders outside of the EU. 


Our shipping partner in Europe is Packeta. We have worked Packeta for an extended time now, and we truly trust them with delivering your packages quickly and safely. The shipping fees are available at checkout. All packages are shipped and processed between 4-12 working days. 

Non-Collected Package/Refused Package

If you enter a wrong/faulty address, or if you neglect to receive/accept the parcel at delivery, you will be charged €40 to cover "return to sender" costs. The remaining amount (your initial payment minus the "return to sender" charge) will be paid to you within 14 days to the account used for the initial transaction.

If you cancel your order during shipment. We cannot refund you the cost of shipping. 

Product warranty

As standard, all products sold in our shop come with a 2-year warranty. It is important to mention that due to our manufacturing processes, our steels may have tiny scratches on their surfaces, when new. One of the great advantages of ChefSteel, however, is its 'organic' non-stick and anti-rust surface. With time, this surface covers up all existing and future scratches. This surface is created by 'seasoning' the steel with natural oils and then heating it up to 200C for the period of approximately one hour. The steels come pre-seasoned with cold-pressed oils by us, but you can maintain or renew the surface yourself too, by lightly oiling the steel with plant-based cooking oil and then heating it up to 200C for an hour. This 'organic' surface secures the longevity of ChefSteel and also provides the safest and healthiest option compared to teflon or ceramic coatings. Surface oxidation may occur during shipping, please email us if this occurs and we can offer some advice about how to clean the steel if this occurs.  

Complaints and Product Returns

If you experience problems with the received product(s) and wish to return it, please contact us through email. Do not return the parcel without contacting us first.

Rights of regret

Being a private person, according to EU law, you have a right to regret your purchase within 14 days after delivery. This means that, you have the right to return the package within this period, even if it is not faulty. Your right cannot be exercised once the product has been used. If you want to use your rights of regret, you must inform us by email first. Please observe that you must ensure our recommendations concerning packaging etc. Please also observe that you are responsible for the product until it arrives at our storage facility. Be sure to get a receipt from shipping company when returning your parcel. After receiving the returned product, the purchase price will be refunded to you within 14 days (counted from the day we receive the returned package), provided that the product is returned unused and in undamaged condition. In case you wish to exercise your rights of regret, the return-shipping fees are payable by you.

Force Majeure

Both parties shall be relieved from satisfying this agreement, if its fulfilment is precluded, or essentially disabled by circumstances beyond their control or circumstances which could not have reasonably been foreseen. The following and similar circumstances shall constitute reasons for relief, provided they hinder or aggravate fulfilment of the agreement: fire disaster, war, mobilisation, requisition, confiscation, currency restrictions, common scarceness of goods, deficit in means of transportation, strike, lock-out, deficits in driving means, and errors or delays caused by sub-contractor because of circumstance, mentioned in this paragraph, or other circumstance, which the parties could not possibly control, which either prevents or aggravates the parties’ fulfilment in such a manner that it could not be done other than to an unreasonably high cost.

Dispute and law

These purchasing conditions are governed by applicable Hungarian and European law.

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