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After years of constant experimenting, we’re very proud to announce our new Chefsteel accessory for real Neapolitan pizzas in your home: TheChefSteel Reflector


Please note, this is only an accessory and doesn't come with the steel plate!


This ultra-reflective stainless accessory has special been developed for baking Neapolitan pizzas under 120 seconds with the use of the boiler function of your oven. The ChefSteel Reflector is able to put any wood fire oven to shame when it comes to efficiency and ease of use. 


Whereas ChefSteel was revolutionary to shorten baking times down to mere minutes in a domestic oven, the cooking times of the crust and toppings have always been limited by the power output of the oven. Not anymore! The Reflector can be adjusted to the perfect width to reflect all the heat radiation of the boiler right to your crust, enabling you to cook a pizza under 120 seconds, just like they do it in Naples!


When your dough is ready, assemble the Reflector so, that its sides are 1-2cm father out from the edge of the boiler heating element. Heat the oven to 5-10 Celsius degrees less than its maximum. Once the pizza is in, turn on the broiler and wait for the magic to happen!


For guaranteed success, try our Neapolitan Pizza recipe!


The ChefSteel Reflector is made from 3mm ultra reflective stainless steel and can be adjusted between 25.5 and 28.5 cm to suit any electric home oven with a broiler function.


You won't need any tools to assemble the Reflector and it is very easy to store once disassembled. The spring washers ensure that it stays stable at any temperature.


We recommend it for use primary in electric ovens with a broiler function.


The ChefSteel itself has to be purchased separately.

ChefSteel Reflector

€59.00 Regular Price
€53.10Sale Price
1000 Grams
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