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Your One Stop Guide to Everything ChefSteel

We make ChefSteel from a high quality A36 steel which is designed for your home oven, bbq, grill and induction stove. A steel’s ability to conduct heat is one of its most important qualities as well as its ability to transfer heat. These characteristics ensure a great oven spring as well as creating the crispiest pizza and bread crusts you have ever made.

By cooking pizza on the steel you can expect to cook faster, as well as cooking the pizzas fairly quickly right after each other! We can generally cook around 6 pizzas within 20 minutes when the oven has been pre-heated between 45-60 minutes.

If you’re thinking gosh it sounds great for Pizza but not for much else we can assure you that ChefSteel can help you make the best bread in your own home. ChefSteel conducts heat 18x faster than a stone making the rise much faster in the critical first few minutes so the bread can rise before the crust gets thick. The steel allows for the bread to cook more evenly, and even with larger bread it won’t be undercooked in the centre. It can also reduce your baking time by 15-20 minutes!

ChefSteel is loved by many thanks its ability to be used as a multipurpose tool. Personally, we love “grilling” hotdogs, hamburgers and vegetables with the steel on our bbq. It leaves a tasty char. We also use the steel on our induction (with a silicon matt) to cook multiple pancakes, eggs and bacon at a time. Not only does it save your time during cooking, it also creates less mess and less pots and pans to clean!

If you’re having trouble parting with your stone or trying a new baking product here are a few things you need to consider:

1. Steel conducts and releases heat faster than a stone which ensures an even bake as well as a thick crust and airy centre.

2. The oven spring is absolutely wonderful.

3. It will last you a lifetime, it can’t bend or break and should be looked after to ensure its long life.

4. Allows you to bake multiple loaves on the steel as well as one after the other-with a small reheating time. ChefSteel is super efficient as it’s very hard for the steel surface to lose heat!

If you’re interested in our product and would like to learn more please feel free to contact us at and we could love to chat and suggest which steel is best for you.

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