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How to Make Perfect Restaurant Style Pizza with ChefSteel!

If you're feeling lost for ideas, need a new hobby or just want to step up baking skills-learning to bake restaurant style pizza with ChefSteel should be the next thing on your to-do list!

1) You can create the perfect pizza using the 10mm Professional ChefSteel or the 6mm Classic. In order to use the steel as its most optimum, we suggest to preheat your oven for 40-60 at your ovens' maximum temperature. For our oven this temperature is 250 degrees celsius.

2) We suggest using the broiler/grill function in your oven to make the best pizza at home. Once your oven is pre-heated adequately, we turn the broiler/grill function on. Once we see that it has turned red, the pizza is ready to be placed into the oven!

3) Now, this can be the trickiest part of the process. How to place the uncooked dough onto the steel. Whilst your making the pizza, putting on the toppings-we suggest you do this process on a pizza peel-make sure to flour the peel very well so the dough does not stick. Once your oven is ready, carefully 'launch' the dough on to the steel by placing the peel towards the back of the oven and slowly shuffle the dough on the steel until it reaches the front of the steel plate. If your oven shelves can come out of the oven, that is even better! Please see the video below for reference.

If the toppings move around during this process, you can fix them up! But make sure to be quick, so the oven doesn't lose too much heat. If you notice your pizza is only getting colour on one side, open up the oven, get out your peel and move the pizza around. See video below.

Anywhere between 4-6 minutes your pizza should be done! This technique can take some time to master, but we really do recommend it for the best results. The reason your pizza can cook so quickly is because the heat from the steel transfers straight to the dough, and in any case your steel can reach very high temperatures so please take extreme care with this method and use oven gloves when you can. We have tried other methods, and in some cases if the steel does not heat up adequately, your dough can dry out. So try this method! See how it goes and if you have any further questions, shoot us an email :)

Take care!

Isabella and Jázon.

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