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Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

The amounts in the brackets yield 6 pizzas. The percentages are in relation to the amount of all the flour, which is always the 100%. You really only need this much yeast. For ultimate results use ChefSteel with the optional ChefSteel Reflector! Ingredients: 70% - 00 pizza flour (12g protein) (700gr) 30% - good quality bread flour (13g protein) (300g) 63-67% - 25 Celsius degree water (630-670g) 3.2% - salt (32g) 1% - olive oil (10g) 0,014% - dry yeast (0.14g) OR 0.04% Fresh yeast (0.4g) OR 4% sourdough (40g) Instructions: 1. Measure out the yeast. The easiest way to do this is to measure out the smallest amount of yeast, our scale can measure (usually 1 gramm), then add 49g water and after some calculating add the appropriate amount of water to your kneading bowl. In case you're using 1000g flour, this amount is 7g.

2. If using a kneading machine, set it up with the flat stiring head, add the rest of the water and olive oil then start kneading and slowly add half of the flour.

3. After half of all flour is stired in, stop adding more flour. Stir át high speed for six minutes, add the salt and keep stiring for six more minutes.

4. Change the head to the kneading hook and knead the dough at slow speed, until it starts spinning in the bowl.

5. At this point transfer the dough to a flat surface and start kneading it by hand. Don't just fold it, keep massaging and pokinging it too. Add as much air in it, as you can. Keep kneading for 20 minutes, until it reaches 25 Celsius.

6. At the end of kneading, form the dough into a tight bowl and tightly cover it with a wet towel.

7. Wait 20mins, before kneading it again for a few minutes. Cover it for its second rest for 12 mins. Knead it again and let it rest for a final 5 mins.

8. Form the dough into 270-300g balls by folding the balls, then place them into oiled plastic containers and cover them airtight.

9. Let the dough balls rest for 24hrs at room temperature before using them! The results are soft, shiny, beautiful little pizzas that bake amazingly on the ChefSteel. Especially with the ChefSteel Reflector attached!

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