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The Perfect ChefSteel Cinnamon Rolls

Your ChefSteel isn't just for baking pizza and bread, it can be used for a whole multitude of things. We love testing out new recipes on the steel, and this one for American style cinnamon rolls really worked wonders for us.

We were incredibly happy with how these cinnamon rolls turned out. They baked in no time, and were fluffy on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside from the top to bottom. ChefSteel ensured a level temperature in the oven as well as a constant heat that made the baking process much quicker.

The Dough:

330 grams of all purpose flour

60 grams granulated sugar (56 grams)2 40 grams of butter

1 large egg

1 package of instant yeast

10 grams of warm water

120 grams of warm milk

5 grams of salt


150 grams of brown sugar

(½ stick) butter (60 grams)

2 tbsp. ground cinnamon

1 tsp. vanilla extract (about 5 ml)

...Step by Step...

Step 1: Heat water and milk to a warm temperature either on the microwave or stove, ensure that it doesn't reach boiling. It's important to start with warm liquid when adding the yeast. Add the water/milk mixture into a bowl.

Step 2:

Add about 1 tsp of our sugar to the liquid mix. This is important for the yeast to grow. Make sure to briefly whisk in the yeast into the mixture and set aside for 5-10 minutes. You will start to see some bubbles and this is a good sign!

Step 3: To save some time whilst we wait for our yeast, start to fix the salt and flour in a separate bowl.

Step 4: Melt the butter

Step 5: Once butter is melted and yeast is proofed, mix in the rest of the sugar and butter into the same bowl. Add an egg and whisk.

Step 6: Add the flour into the mixture slowly with a whisk at first, then once it starts to thicken its good to then go in with a wooden/or plastic spatula.

Step 7: You can either kneed the dough by hand or put it in a stand mixer! Once you are done kneading the dough should feel light, soft and airy. The picture below is for your reference. Let the dough sit and rest for an hour before you start rolling it out.

Step 8: After that very long hour, start to roll out your dough. A good shape to aim for would be a rectangle around 30cm by 20cm. During that hour you should have created your cinnamon sugar and vanilla filling to add on top of your dough. It would be also a good time to line your baking tin/glass with butter or a baking sheet so it's prepared once you finish creating your individual rolls.

Step 9: Keep that filling aside and cover the dough in a nice lather of butter. This ensures that the dough won't dry out, be generous here.

Step 10: Add your filling on top!

Step 11: Roll your dough into a nice round cylinder. Create individual rolls about 5cm in width. Place into your baking tin and place on to the ChefSteel.

Step 12: Bake between 45-55 minutes in your oven on 180 degrees. Make sure to take the rolls out of your oven once the top layer of your rolls are golden brown. You can use a chopstick or skewer to check whether they are completely baked through!

Step 13: Admire your beautiful handy work. As you can see the top of the rolls are extremely crispy, which is a great contrast to the fluffy white dough in the centre. Add a dollop of cream cheese filling and you are good to know.

Let us know if you'd like to read more ChefSteel recipes and we will be sure to update you on our latest experiments!

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