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The map is divided into areas, that allow to create different ways of gameplay, the amount of Generals and the amount of Generals from different sides can be randomized. Each type of Map has its own "Easter Egg". Features - 25 Generals - All types of Generals. - Massive amount of space for teams and patrols. - 10.000 bases and objects. - Numerous Bases with many different features (here you can find more). - Solid and perfect graphics. - Isometric view. - 3 diffrent ways of starting a game (normal, random and random from map). - Single player and network play. - Mod support. - Plus a lot of Tuts on making Generals and military stuff. - Two methods of spawning Generals: on Generals and on bases. - 6 different map types (with their own settings, number of Generals and number of Generals from the sides). - You can start the game with only Generals or with Generals from both sides. - Auto map generation (one time use). - Maps can be made in different ways (in 2D and 3D) and have a different file. - And more! About Map The Map is inspired by the drama "Blackhat". There are many military buildings and bases, like the Nansha (China), the Wallenberg (Sweden), the Aland (Finland), the Wewels (Netherlands) and many more. The map is divided in 4 areas: - The North - There are bases like the Jämtland (Sweden) and the Älvsborg (Sweden) and bases like those in the North of China. The bases have a lot of naval boats and a lot of stuff for you to use. There are also a lot of space in the North, so you can fly a lot, make a lot of Patrols and a lot of "surface to air missiles" and do other cool stuff. - The Middle - There are the bases like the Vestfold (Norway) and the Reykjavik (Iceland), the bases in the middle have a lot of objects and many players. And the space in the middle is not that huge, so you can fly a little and Patrol a little, make a few, "surface to air




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