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Wooden Bread Lame

Length: 18 centimeters

Includes a leather cover and 5 additonal blades


A bread lame can be an important addition in elevating your bread baking that little bit more. In order to create bread with beautiful and intricate patters, you need this tool in your set! One of the most important skills any bread baker can have is their scoring. This allows the bread dough to evenly expand in the baking process which helps to prevent the crust from cracking open in dramatic way. Scoring helps to create an aesthetically pleasing bread as you can pyhsically guide your dough into the shape you want. The lame is essential for guiding the direction in which your bread expands, you can create beautiful patterns and crust formations guided by the slits you make in the dough using the blade.




Wooden Bread Lame

500 Grams